Road2Success 2023

2 min readMay 19, 2023


A year ago, we attracted the attention of the entire NFT scene. We have gone through great times together, through difficult ones, but are now positioned as never before.

Together, everyone can contribute their skills and build the fashion brand of the future.

Only a strong SixthRéseau is a network I want to be in.

And you probably feel the same way, so we need to make Réseau stronger than it has ever been

A roadmap is not automatically a roadmap, there is a distinction between big and small plans and we do that because there have to be things that you see week by week.

Council Alpha & 6Whales will be introduced on 1st of June

Our roadmap is short, is it complete? No.

We have taken out quarter 4 and in addition we have enough space for other side events and can announce them spontaneously at any time. From there, to the 2 announcements on June 1, there is also a newsletter that you are welcome to subscribe to and with which you will not miss anything, even if you are not the most active on social media or Discord.

A roadmap for a strong company and an even stronger community, there is no destination, each step, each path takes us to another destination and the brand and its success paves the way for a roadmap even more individual, even better, you know what I mean.

Next week there will be a Space and you are very welcome to tag us with #AskReseau on Twitter or Discord with your questions and we will be happy to answer them. Thank you very much.




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