Monthly Report for February 2023

6 min readMar 2, 2023


I am pleased to present the second consecutive report, which provides an overview of the events and activities that have transpired throughout the month of February.

As you know, we want to inform you about the topics that interest you and that keep us busy over the last weeks.

In this report we talk about the following things:

1)Fashion Drop
2) Colorizer Event
3) Whale Status
4) FW3 Shop & Advantages
5) What’s Fusion?

1. Fashion Drop

You have been waiting for this for months, one could even say for a year now. Every time I think about it, I feel sorry for the delay. Initially, we were waiting for the market to improve, but unfortunately, there was no improvement, neither for you nor for us. Eventually, we had to get things back on track, and the designs posed the biggest challenge. As with our NFTs, we had discarded hundreds of designs due to our high standards. However, the time has finally come.

The designs for the first on-demand collection are ready, and you will soon be able to order t-shirts and crewnecks. I don’t want to reveal too much, but the second collection is slated for release in late spring and promises to be even more special, featuring the compensation hoodies.

These are not all products and the shirt below right also has a large motif on the back. Just to let you know, the products have been handed over to production and we are just now creating the pieces to demo and will be ready to bring the store in the near future, once the store is online you will get the updates, the codes and can order, each product should be shipped worldwide within 1–2 weeks.

2. The Colorizer

Many have been asking about the postponed Colorizer event, and I take full responsibility for it. My intention is to align the Fashion Drop and the Colorizer event closely, as it holds great importance to me.

Consequently, once the clothes arrive in the upcoming weeks, we will promptly initiate the event.

Following the Colorizer event, we plan to take the community on a journey to Fusion, providing a glimpse of the creations that have been meticulously crafted in our lab over the last ten months.

3. Whale Status

Due to the new regulations from Opensea and other platforms, as well as increased demand from users in our community, we find ourselves compelled to modify our Whale status and re-list all associated benefits. This correction is intended to ensure the longevity of our project, allowing both parties to grow and ultimately benefit from the changes. With this adjustment, we hope to be able to relax and adapt to future requirements. If you have any questions, please feel free to tag us or create a support ticket.

4. FW3 Shop

Fw3 is a collaboration between RéseauLTD, Futureweb GmbH, and Melexsoft. In the coming months, the shop will evolve into one of the best places for Web 3. Soon, you will see more and more content from the store, and through Holder Exclusive Affiliate, you can also earn money with it. The store has already been shown to you several times in the past few weeks, but it is constantly being developed. The descriptions, images, tutorials, and more are being perfected to allow us to launch the shop in perfect condition on Twitter and Tiktok in the near future.

Holders will also benefit from this. We are currently developing products that verify and certify holders, which can accompany you as decoration or other everyday items. This means that you can not only press your SixthRéseau onto an acrylic frame but with any NFT you hold. Additionally, we plan on 3D toys, metal prints, shirts with your NFTs, and much more.

Fw3 will be the place in Web 3 where projects can acquire services and products, and where holders of Web 3 products can bring their favorite art into their own lives.

5. Fusion, Fusion… What’s Fusion?

Fusion aims to become a revolutionary platform that merges gaming in both Web 2 and Web 3, integrates social media with gaming, and combines other audiovisual streaming entertainment services into an all-in-one platform.

Fusion is much more than just an idea. It encompasses 8 months of work, 100 pages full of information and statistics, a presentation website, and is set to be developed by three companies with the assistance of investors and venture capitalists.

Discussions for such a collaboration have been ongoing for weeks, and if you happen to be Web 3 business angels or have connections to investors, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Ok, Ok I get but where is the connection to Réseau?

Réseau will also have its place on Fusion and will be scaled up with the platform. Fusion has many touchpoints with Réseau and we will definitely integrate them. We also want to explore many collaboration opportunities in gaming with Fusion, getting our fashion brand as a skin in games, as well as creating virtual locations that daily bring our branding to the minds of millions of players worldwide.

Fusion has something unique and will also be home to many superstars from music and film in the future. Our innovative concept and choice of partners will make this one of our strengths, and Réseau will also share its events with Fusion. This project will benefit greatly from the platform, and you?

Of course, you will also benefit. It is important for us to create these bridges and provide every holder who would like access to Fusion and take advantage of the benefits of this project the opportunity to do so. You can sell, give away, or gift these whitelists to your grandma — it’s up to you.

A new Home in Social Media

But why would fusion be the breakthrough? Why would fusion change everything?

It’s simple. Fusion was not created from one thing, it is a combination of several perfect ideas, perfectly connected, and fusion will be the answer in the entertainment market for many things. We can’t go into detail at this point, we want to give you the chance to join us on our journey and to all capable people in our community, you are welcome to join us in striving for success.

We have been present in gaming, social media, and other related fields for over 15 years. Every day, we enjoy content from these areas and have a clear vision of what a perfect social media platform looks like for us, in combination with a perfect gaming platform and other content bridges. We would love to simply post all PDFs in announcements, but in the end, it is simply not feasible when all ideas are being stolen right in front of us.

If you have skills that can expand our team towards fusion, please reach out to us, and we will share information and make you a part of it right now. Otherwise, you will hopefully hear this spring that we are starting, and then we want to build the biggest thing that this world has seen so far.

We want to become what Facebook was in 2007, that is Fusion, welcome to the future.




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