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Monthly Report for March 2023

Dear Holders, Community Members, and Interested Parties, we are proud to summarize what happened in March, what changes are upcoming, and what you can expect soon.

This report will be divided into the following categories:

  • March Summary
  • Réseau Fashion
  • Fusion
  • Colorizer Event
  • What to Expect Next
  • Community Update

March Summary:
March was a mixed month, with mixed emotions but good progress in the important centers of our program.

In March, we focused more on SixthRéseau and continued to build the plans for SixthRéseau, attracting new members and employees. The team now appears more solid and has gained new souls on our side so that this project will flourish again by mid-year.

We won’t reveal exactly what you can expect, but the developments will be extremely exciting for Lost Identities Holders and SixthRéseau Fans. We are planning several Fashion Drops with significant development span in between, and at the same time, we are building the events and plans for Web 3 production on an expanded limited arm with extra products.

Réseau Fashion:
As mentioned in section 1, our fashion plays a very high value in our plans. We are very confident that we will go online with our store this month, the last products will be tested this week, the boxes and product packaging have been designed and are ready for you. You will hear updates on this soon, and there may be a free product for all Holder buyers, which we can announce soon.

In addition, the extended team is working with us this week on specific AR designs that should still find a place on different products in the current collection. This means that we want to ignite new life and emotions in many products with AR filters and offer you products that are more than the first expectation. This drop will take place on demand, meaning that our customers will receive their products within weeks and can wear them soon.

This will be our first drop, and we will ignite the fashion fireworks, the next collections will bring even more banger items than you can imagine, we want to bring you products for our future collections, which will not only be warmly welcomed within our community.

As mentioned a bit earlier, Fusion was not an extreme focus point this month. We are expanding the team with experts and business angels around Web3, entertainment, and gaming, which will take some time but should stand for the important stability and longevity of the project.

Colorizer Event:
As mentioned several times in the past, the Colorizer Event will be initiated about 2 weeks after the Fashion Drop so that our movement constantly moves upwards, and the brand and community can look forward to many cool events and highlights.

We will explain to you soon what exactly happens at the event, but most people already know what the Colorizer is for and why most Holders shouldn’t miss it.

What to Expect Next:
There are many ideas, many possibilities, but we want to focus more on the brand and the actual production of clothes and continue to increase community bonding and give you the feeling that we offer you added value every week on some topic.

At Fusion, big developers and philosophers come to our side, designing the social media of the future with us. These are people who have invented complete streaming services, developed them, are involved in game development, and are entertainment gurus who want to be part of our plans and make the future better together.

Community Updates: Starting this week, our Genesis Holder @GucciLeatherjacket #7290, his friends, and us will be offering our holders weekly insights into various areas of Web 3 and other interesting topics.

In addition, GucciLeatherjacket is developing some contests and events that are open for you to participate in and win prizes.

The first space will be happening, on Friday, and you will receive an announcement so you won’t miss it.

As mentioned, this space will cover various topics, and exciting discussions, and only marginally touch on SixthRéseau. Of course, more spaces will follow in the near future, including those specifically tailored to SixthRéseau and its community. We hope you enjoy these new events and will participate in them.

It’s time to unstake.

We are now in the final month of CRFTD and will be taking over your staked ResX balances and transferring them to another system shortly. We kindly request that you unstake your Lost Identities in the next four weeks, and if you encounter any difficulties, please create a ticket. The people at CRFTD are here to support us.

We are transitioning to a more cost-effective system for our holders, which will eliminate high gas fees and allow us to create a real rewards system for our marketplace, without costing active members several tens of dollars each month.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend. Summer is just around the corner, and for some holders, winter may be approaching. I hope you are all doing well, and I am delighted to see movement once again. I am sure you feel the same.

Finally, we would like to thank you. Without your support, SixthRéseau would not be what it is today. We are proud to be part of this wonderful community and look forward to offering you great products and events in the future. Thank you for your loyalty and engagement, and we look forward to shaping an even more successful future together with you.

Thank you for your time and your support!

Best regards,

The SixthRéseau team


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