Monthly Report for January 2023

4 min readFeb 4, 2023



This is the first Monthly Report we are providing to our community in 2023, to be published on a monthly basis. The purpose of this report is to keep our community informed about our involvement with various brands and projects that are related to SixthRéseau.

After a slow second half of 2022, we aim to deliver numerous updates this year and engage with our community effectively. Some updates have been pending from 2022, but due to various reasons, our focus has shifted partially. The De:gen tool failed to compete with Opensea, and our team member Semih has been occupied with another business for a few months. As a result, the development of Répresent has been temporarily delayed. Although we are enthusiastic about the concept of Répresent, it is important for us to first establish the success and sustainability of our brand before expanding into multiple ventures.

That was the summary of what we left behind in 2022. Now, let’s dive into what we have in store for 2023.

— The Colorizer


— Clothing Drop

— Community

— Fusion

The Colorizer

The Colorizer is a limited edition NFT spray that can change the appearance of your Lost Identity. Only 50–60 will be available and can be used during events. If you are interested, keep an eye on our Holder Announcements for updates. is a marketplace created in partnership with two other companies, offering items for web3 communities, NFT fans and more. Our goal is to create a platform with top-notch content and further promote the progress of web3. Visit to learn more.

Clothing Drop

After much anticipation, our clothing line will be launching in march. Our products are ready and the designs have been in the works for months. As with Fw3, you can also become an affiliate and earn money by promoting our clothes. Stay tuned for more updates on this.


We have recently restructured our Discord channels, creating a Brand & Community Discord and a Holder Only Discord. Both are still in the process of being structured, but will soon be fully operational. Every holder is welcome to join the other Discord and can request access by opening a ticket. We are looking forward to building a strong community with our holders and have several high-end systems planned for the end of the month.

Introducing: Fusion

For over half a year, there has been a new love in our lives. A project, an endeavor that has rekindled our motivation many times over.

Fusion is everything we dream of today and will be much more than just the next project. Fusion will be a platform, connecting our brands, community and everything around it. I have never been so proud of anything as I am of this idea that has come from us. In the coming weeks and months, you will hear more and more about it, you will know exactly what it is, but Fusion will be the answer to many things, a platform of the present and future, not only for Web 3 but for everyone. A platform that meets the preferences and needs of our community, but can also provide a home for the general public. Welcome to Fusion.

Thank you for reviewing our monthly report.

As this was the first monthly report, this report was quite generalized, as well as the information about Fusion. However, this will change in the coming months and you will receive more and more specific information. If you’re a holder, sign up for the Fw3 Affiliate program and make sure to check out the tutorial to learn more about the market and its purpose. Meanwhile, try to get a Colorizer, and don’t miss the upcoming event.

To summarize what’s in store for you in the near future:

Next week the new version of Fw3 will go live, with crypto payment options, new shop content, and other exciting features. Following that, the clothing store will soon launch, and shortly after the Colorizer event will take place.




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