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2 min readMay 7


Dear community of SixthRéseau,

We are pleased to announce that the brand SixthRéseau has been partially acquired today by Frantzis & Sagra and Futureweb. This collaboration will immediately set new standards in our cosmos and provide us with resources and connections of unimaginable reach.

At this point, allow me to introduce the two companies:

Frantzis & Sagra

Frantzis & Sagra is a production service provider specializing in fashion, merchandise, and all types of fashionable accessories. Frantzis & Sagra has collaborated with various international companies and artists and has a vast portfolio of strengths that will assist us.


Futureweb GmbH is our interface that will propel Web 3 forward and make our brand one of the pioneers in digital fashion and AR fashion. From crypto exchanges to applications, Futureweb has collaborated with some major companies in recent years.

Statement Réseau:

In 2021, we had the opportunity to get to know both the companies and the individuals behind them, and we were able to derive mutual benefits from our interactions. Over time, we have grown together.

This year, we have had several conversations about the future of SixthRéseau and we have realized that almost all of our interests are mutually beneficial. The resources we have as an alliance could make SixthRéseau a top brand worldwide.

The expertise and immense network of our new partners will undoubtedly contribute to making the brand a great success. Our partners have successfully initiated continental collaborations with companies such as H&M, Bershka, Tipico, Puma, and many others in recent years, and it is a tremendous honor for us to embark on a new era with these companies as part of SixthRéseau.

New Roadmap, New Life, New Réseau.

Next Friday, 19th of May 2023, a new version of the roadmap for Réseau V2 will be released, and at this point, I can only thank all of you for your support.

Additionally, I would like to thank our new partners for giving us the chance to put Réseau on the global map. We will be able to give back to you even more, in stores, at festivals, and much more. Thank you!

Kind Regards,

the administration of SixthRéseau




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